Thursday, August 14, 2008

School Starts

As I have said before, I have two children that fall on the spectrum. Well, this week my younger son H. started school again. He is now in first grade, completely main streamed and doing pretty well for a kid who didn't speak until he was four. Two years later and I am amazed by his progress. I count it as a miracle.
He still has his quirks to be sure but he is so smart. The big problem is this - he doesn't quite understand how recess works. You hear the bell, you go out and play for awhile, you hear the bell, and you go back in. He gets the going out part, it's the coming back in that seems to be his problem. Last year when he was in kindergarten he would leave the kindergarten play ground and go play on the big toys. Often times they would be searching for him, only to find him on the big kids play ground. Now that he is in the first grade and allowed to play on the big kid play ground he just doesn't come back in.
Yesterday, my husband tells him all morning, "When you hear the bell you need to come in from recess." He says it enough times that H. begins to repeat it with him. Later on that day his teacher was in the office and I asked if he had come back in when the bell rang. She smiled and shook her head no. At least she is extremely understanding about it, and seems to take it all in stride. Apparently, he also was insulted by her snacks. She offered him pretzels and he scowled at her and asked her what was up with that. (He doesn't like pretzels.)
It's quite honestly like having a little Kramer from Seinfeld on our hands. He makes some pretty outrageous faces, he jerks and acts shocked over the littlest things, he lets you know when he doesn't like something, even if it's socially taboo, and he's kinda spacey. But oh how we laugh.


Melissa said...

Tracy- this is Melissa: Ben's cousin!! I am a blog snooper! I found you through my sister Ash! I was lucky enough to answer the phone when Ben called G and G's house the other day! It was so good to hear his voice! I wanted to tell you that I think you are an amazing person! I mean that from the bottom of my heart! I love to read what you have to say... I only sympathize because I truly have no idea what you go through on a day to day basis! Ordinary mothering exhausts me....fantastic mom's like you have me wondering how you do it!!! Lot's of love, mel

Liz said...

hmm does socially taboo things, kinda spacey - like Kramer on Seinfeld...Mark says that describes me to a tee, I should get myself checked I think.

If you can't find humor in the rough times then you'll always be in them.

You're fantastic as always!