Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Haircut

L. has always hated haircuts with a passion. I think it must be a sensory thing. The clippers make that buzzing sound and it really bothers him. His brother H. is much the same. It has been a real struggle to keep them properly groomed because we put the haircuts off until it is absolutely necessary. Lately, and I say this with a great deal of gratitude in my heart, they have both been much better about it.
So it was quite a surprise to me when L. said he wanted a haircut. But then he specified that he wanted a "Buzz Lightyear" haircut. Who knows what the heck Buzz Lightyear's hair looks like? I mean he's always wearing that helmet of his. I thought maybe L. had heard the term "buzz cut" and thought it meant Buzz Lightyear. Anyhow, not one to argue with the kid when he wants something I want for him, I took him to get his haircut. He made it through about halfway, and then began to fidget and get annoyed.
He says "All done now!" and he wants up. With much persuading he managed stay in the seat until she was finished. Then he tells me that he wants a Buzz Lightyear and Lenny. It was then that I understood that he wanted me to go buy him a Buzz Lightyear in exchange for getting his haircut, because apparently that's what his father got him the last time he had to get his haircut. Let me tell you something, it is totally worth bribery if he does something he detests so very much without throwing a royal tantrum. I was more than willing to oblige him.

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