Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Home Lunch vs. School Lunch

I generally pack home lunch for my kids. Just your average PB&J, chips, fruit or veggie, and a juice. I like to mix it up with a slice of homemade bannana bread, freshly baked brownies, you know that sort of thing, to make myself feel like a decent mom every now and then. Lunches are especially good if I am doing penance for something. Anyway, the other day L. was throwing a monster of a fit because he didn't want to take his lunch. I finally slipped it into his backpack without him noticing and he got on the bus without any further disturbance.
When I picked him up from school that afternoon, the teacher tells me that for some reason he just wouldn't leave that lunch alone. They stuck it in the basket with all of the other home lunches and went about there business. But every time they turned around his lunch had some how landed in the trashcan. They would fish it out, stick it back in the basket, only to find it within the confines of the trashcan yet again just a short while later. For some reason, he just didn't want that lunch. The teacher commented on how sneaky and covert he was about the whole thing, waiting until the coast was clear and then quickly tossing it, no one the wiser until they noticed that it was missing again.
Why was he pitching his lunch into the trashcan all day long? L. simply wanted the chicken sandwich that they were having for school lunch that day. He ended up crying out, "Chicken, please!" They have chicken sandwiches there every day so the next day, I wisely did not pack home lunch. I let him eat school lunch. Now how will I console myself when I want to feel like I'm a good mom?

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Liz said...

That is so funny - wonder why he didn't try to explain to you earlier that he wanted the chicken since it was obviously on his mind and he connected it to the lunch you packed- so intriguing!! Love your posts!