Wednesday, October 8, 2008


L. had a birthday just a few days ago. I think it was the first time he really understood what it was all about. A week or so before I said to him that his birthday was coming up and he shocked his father and I by stating the day, month, and YEAR he was born. I don't recall ever telling him that he was born in 1999. Weird that he somehow knew. All he wanted, as usual, was a Buzz Lightyear. (Does every autistic kid on the planet love that guy or what?) We got him a few things and I tried to hide them in my closet. This is something else he has never done before, he snooped around until he found where his presents were and then he opened all of them before the big unveiling at the party.
My parents and two of my sisters came to have cake and sing to him. He seemed very pleased with the whole affair. I was really excited that he got into it so much. L. is beginning to come out of his shell a little and act a little more like a child. He knew that the day was about him, that it was his birthday, that the cake was in his honor. It was a thrill.

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how cool is that?!