Tuesday, October 28, 2008


For the past two weeks I have been in Cambodia. After serious debate, my husband and I decided that we should not attempt taking the younger children with us. We had visions of L. throwing a tantrum on the airplane, having them drop us off somewhere in Asia with no way of getting back. Besides which, it is torture for L. to not have his own bed, and be in his own element. So we chose to have my two sisters stay with the children at our home while we were gone.
L. was perfectly content with the set up. As a matter of fact, I sincerely doubt that he even missed us while we were gone, most likely favoring my sisters over me. There was little more than one small incident during our absence. Apparently L. decided to cut his hair. He was suppose to be in bed, which is usually when he decides to do something naughty. He felt that he needed a trim and cut his hair. My sister said that he came down stairs with his hair completely hacked up in what resembled the mange. She burst out laughing. She said that L. was grinning ear to ear, pleased with the fact that she was experiencing so much mirth over his self make over.
The next day he went to school like that, as there were no beauty salons open so early in the morning. The teacher said that she and the aids got a good laugh out of it too. He got his hair buzzed that afternoon when he came home from school. I count myself lucky in that that was the only mishap during out two week leave.


Liz said...

would you mind sending him over here- slade's in need of a hair cut AGAIN- the kid's hair grows way faster than mine, how fair is that?! How was the trip?

Isla said...

Glad to hear you are back! I can't wait to hear more about your trip! Your sisters are awesome for helping you out in such a wonderful way!