Sunday, November 2, 2008


L. went as spaghetti and meatballs this year for Halloween. He mostly did well and had fun. However, when he was done, he was done. He got in the van and cried because he thought his little sister should be in her car seat. Every time I tried to take a picture he would see the flash go off and immediately move. My camera always catches him blinking, or making a face, or moving, or walking away. I managed to get a few shots of him though. He is actually really excited about holidays now. I'm so glad, because now the other children can have a semi-normal experience too. They all looked so cute dressed up, with their bags, eagerly anticipating each candy that got put in their bags.

He seems to be doing so much better and understanding so much more than he did before. This is something we discussed on Halloween with his teachers and principal during a parent teacher conference and an IEP update. They have noticed the change in L. as well. He is not as angry and he is communicating more. That's not to say that all of our problems are solved, but it sure seems like cake after some of the things my husband and I have been through over the last few years. I thank God every day that he seems to be getting a little better. I know that it is through help from those around me that we have accomplished so much with him. I consider it nothing less than a miracle.

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Ben and Tanya said...

I loved his costume!!! Very original! How did you come up with it? BTW, thanks for the kind comments on my blog. I read them as I was stuffing my face with some cookies. It made me 're-focus' and keep moving forward with my goal...tomorrow!:)