Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Vacation

It is nearly Christmas. This is a good thing. For the past month L. says "Tomorrow is Christmas!" and we have to remind him that it's not. We show him the calender and count down the days with him. Funny thing is, he thinks that by marking off the days himself that will make those days just disappear. He does the same thing at school with his schedule. He tries to rearrange the sequence or takes things off he doesn't want to do. If only that were an option!
Last Friday was his last day for two weeks, so comes the daunting task of trying to keep him occupied until he goes back to school. We got him Jungle Book 2, which I think is a really annoying and very ill thought out movie, but he loves it. So now the other children are bummed because that's all he wants to watch. I feel for them, I don't really care for the movie myself.
What's up with Disney putting out all of these cheap sequels, with bad animation and cheesy catch phrases, that have the same basic plot, with a few token songs, slapping their name on it and selling it for the full price? Desperate parents (such as myself), who jump at any family movie that is released because there are so few that come out unless it's Thanksgiving or Christmas, must settle for an inferior product. Look at me, I'm grudgingly one of them.
Anyhow, L. is perfectly happy with it but the rest of us are near to mad. Just think another week and a half of it! Actually, we are being very brave this year and trying for an over night visit to Grandma and Grandpa's house. L. does not like sleeping anywhere that isn't home, so we are a little worried, but hopefully it will work out. And just in case it doesn't, I'm sure we'll bring along Jungle Book 2 to calm him if need be.

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