Thursday, June 12, 2008


We just got back from a restaurant. Shockingly we decided to take the whole family. Usually we avoid making public appearances because quite often it turns into a huge fiasco. We went Italian, always a good idea because spaghetti is one of L.'s favorites. We learned the hard way that not all Italian restaurants serve spaghetti. It wasn't pretty. L. is very motivated by food. He will tell you himself, "I love to eat," which he heard on an Elmo's World. If it is not something he likes or wants, there is not motivation. Funny how that works.
However, this evening was somewhat pleasant. At least until the spaghetti ran out. Everyone else was still eating and L. wanted to leave. He had eaten every last noodle on his plate and when he is done, it's over, he no longer has any desire to sit still. He wants to head for the van. I call it his cocoon. When ever we venture out, he lasts for maybe a half an hour and then he's begging to go sit in the van. I'm not sure if he's over stimulated, or just sick and tired of the company he's in. But to him that van is safety and security.
Last summer when we visited my parents in Tennessee, a solid two days drive, he wanted nothing more than to go home. All week he would cry and beg. There were times when he would just go and sit in the van to be someplace that he was familiar with and felt protection in. I don't know that we'll take a trip like that again for awhile. So if you see us and you don't see him, you can pretty much guess where he is.

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Liz said...

That sounds really funny- I'm sure it's not that funny to constantly deal with- but now I'm suddenly thinking Mark might also be autistic. As long as there is a direct purpose to what he is doing that he finds fulfillment in- he is all about it, when that runs out he's headed for the door! He also HATES crowds of people...even if it's just Wal-Mart. Give this country boy a fishing pole and point him towards the lake b/c you're not gonna get much further with him if you wanna call it an outing/vacation! If you see me without Mark, he's probably sitting in your van with L.!