Sunday, June 22, 2008

Having Guests

For some reason, if we chance to have a guest, my son turns into a real jester. He doesn't like any sort of change in his routine. So if someone drops by he goes a little crazy. For instance we had company this afternoon. We offered them the couch. When they went to sit down, he threw himself across the length of it and began to laugh. I guess it could be worse.
When my parents came he tried to get them to leave the whole time they were here. Pretty sad, considering they were visiting from Tennessee. He gives them the boot only minutes after they've arrived. His favorite line is from A Series of Unfortunate Events. He says "Can you stay?" as he's shoving them through the door.
My favorite was when my sister came over one day. He gave her her shoes and said, "Get in your brown car and go." So much for subtle hints. There was no reading between the lines on that one. While it is sometimes rather embarrassing, it is also kind of funny. So we laugh, and say "Isn't he cute", and try and make the best of it. It's not like you can tell him to stop. Or I guess you could but it would do no good.


Liz said...

This is hilarious!! Mark really might be autistic too- he feels the same way about many of our guests! Fortunately he does not verbalize any of these sentiments, but man if he could he'd probably just bar the doorway from the beginning..haha.

Anonymous said...

I remember when he did that to me and mel. When we came over and you didnt leave. He is so funny! Love him